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IT Solutions and Services

TopFin employs the best IT professionals in India and has access to talents in different IT backgrounds who provide services at a very competitive rate and sometime lower than market rate. Our resources are reliable and provide the best solutions in their respective fields in tight deadline and keep engaged till the end of customer final CSAT.

The following process are followed under IT consulting:
  • Understand the scope of services and talents required to complete the task.
  • Receipt of request from customer regarding specific IT engagement.
  • Evaluation of services with minimum charge rate and tenure to perform the job as per scoping.
  • Once agreed by both the parties, the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW) will be signed
  • TopFin will engage a project manager (PM) and respective IT consultants to perform the work
  • The contracts will be delivered using a Global Delivery Model (GDM) as staffing or bodyshoping
  • Charges to the client will be based on Time and Material (T&M) or Fixed Price (FP) contract
  • Who Are We

    TopFin Global is a Techno-finance start up incorporated in 2023 in India. The company aims to reduce the cost of running an organization substantially to help the new age entrepreneurs and businesses to run profitably without investing a lot on support function which takes away a major part of working capital affecting cash flow and net margin of the organization.

    Our Vision

    TopFin realizes the struggle, business owners and key executives face to manage cash flow to meet their operating cost. So, we see a future where cost of running a business comes down drastically through our innovative services and lower charge mechanism to help business owners and C level executives to increase their bottom line.

    Thank you for your patience

    We would love to be considered for any opportunity to give you the maximum cost benefit with highest quality of services and be a part of your journey

    TopFin Global Private Ltd.

    172/376, 1st Floor, Roy Building
    Siliguri – 734006, India